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Claritus is a prolific web and application development company that offers progressive end-to-end solutions for all your business needs. We have been focused on working with unique technology and its advancement. The developer team here are highly qualified, certified and with more than 10 years of experience. We have clients across the globes that rely upon our full-time professional developers who cater various needs in the industry. If you are looking for the digital transformation for your company we are covering you with significant success. The interface of your website or application is the profile of your organization, and our developers do it with care.


The full-time developers at Claritus are leveling up with the skills every day. They work in coordination with the entire team starting from the consulting to the design to create a website or an application. We have a wide range of developers who are excelled in different frameworks and web-language. The key developers focus on the following areas.

  1. Full Stack Development
  2. MEAN stack Development
  3. MERN Stack Development
  4. PHP Development
  5. Java Development
  6. CMS Development
  7. MongoDB Development
  8. CSS/HTML development
  9. Bootstrap Development

Your business may be complex, but you can turn to us for the solution. The full-time developers are here connect with you for creating the more personalized and custom-made website and mobile applications. We have served clients across various B2B and B2C industries. The developers are proficient in customer engagement hence they take user experience to heart while they are ready for the process followed by launching.


The developers at Claritus are truly craftsmen dedicated to digital business solutions using cutting-edge technology. We practice providing digital solutions that are adaptable, accessible and affordable. The developers here bring the customized solution that can be optimized for the user-friendly design and engagement. They are not just developers but scientists who analyze, test and shape your business before they are ready for the launch.

Make your business dreams bigger now by having Claritus beside you for all the digital solutions.

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We’ve been catering to clients across the globe with core focus on delivering solutions that provide productivity, efficiency and timely manner.

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Case Study
Salesforce Development Company

Salesforce based product registration application developed for the life sciences and medical device manufacturing segment.

#Digital Team on Demand
Rapidly scalable, on-demand and focused staff augmentation Team for a global leader in security services.

Digital Team on Demand
Ecommerce Services

#Connected Commerce #Mobility #Business Process Digitization #ERP
Comprehensive Ecommerce based tech solution to manage marketing, warehousing & delivery operations for an online supermarket.