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What’s the difference between a Web App and a Website?

What’s the difference between a Web App and a Website

What is a Web App?

A web application is a piece of software, which can be accessed through the web browser by the users, while the browser is another application for surfing the internet. Browsers also help in building the web app, by means of simple languages like CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

The app requires authentication and utilizes a mix of client-side scripts and server-side scripts for presenting the information. A web application is customizable and can perform multiple tasks like reading, updating, creating and deleting data inside the app. Examples are Amazon, YouTube etc.

What is a Website?

A website is an assortment of user-accessible web pages comprising various images, text, audio, videos, documents and numerous other files. There can be a single page, two pages or any number of pages according to requirements. It is hosted on a server with a one-off IP address and connected with the help of a single domain name.

Any commercial organization or individual may create and maintain a website. A website offers text and visual content for viewing and reading by the users, which is assisted by a browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Examples are, eCommerce website, blog website, portfolio website, educational website etc.


1. A web application is meant for communication and interchange with end-users while a website has static content.

2. A user of the web app can read as well as alter and modify data. A user of a website, however, can only read its contents.

3. A web application site needs to be precompiled before deployment. The entire project necessitates a recompilation of all the changes in this case. Such a requirement is not there on a website, which solely requires the HTML code to be updated.

4. The app has a complicated function but the website’s function is uncomplicated.

5. Web app development can be a very demanding and difficult task. It needs multiple functions based on data processing and an enhanced security level. However, just the creation of web pages is sufficient for website development.

6. While building a web app, the majority of the time is spent developing its functionality. Website development is usually concerned with the creation of website architecture and content.

7. In most cases, authentication is needed for a web application but it’s not required for a website.

8. The production duration of a web application is several months, whereas the time taken for that of a website is only a few days.

9. The scripting languages for a web application are based on Ruby, PHP and HTML but those for the website are JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

10. With regard to stability and support, a web application requires periodical upgrades. In contrast, a website is maintainable and can be conveniently managed.

Some advantages of both

Web application:

Data protection– Data stored here is usually secure and well protected from outside threats.

Multiple features– A new feature can be introduced without any hassle.

Many functionalities– One can freely choose any one of them according to need.

Profit– By developing a web app, huge profits can be earned.


Communication – Interactions with the users or visitors can happen at any time of the day. Locating the company is quite simple.

Economical – A website is a low-cost option for attracting clients.

Credibility enhancement – It helps to boost the reputation and credibility score of the organization.

Business growth – It assists in achieving commercial development by offering several ways and means.


A web application can help a business by facilitating the sale of its products and services online and a website has become an essential part of it, for obvious reasons.


Mmaneesh Batra