An Ecommerce platform via 3D mapping to manage user journey, delivery and warehousing for a custom-shoe store.

#Connected Commerce #Mobility #Business Process Digitization #ERP
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A Comprehensive mobile app for a leading tax advisory firm that enables its end users to file their returns in a few easy steps.

#Mobility #Business Process Digitization
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Income Tax Return filing App
Salesforce Development Company

Salesforce based product registration application developed for the life sciences and medical device manufacturing segment.

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Rapidly scalable, on-demand and focused staff augmentation Team for a global leader in security services.

#Staff Augmentation
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Digital Team on Demand
Ecommerce Services

Comprehensive Ecommerce based tech solution to manage marketing, warehousing & delivery operations for an online supermarket.

#Connected Commerce #Mobility #Business Process Digitization #ERP
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A comprehensive tracking solution to ensure a safe and secure environment for a company’s personnel while on the move.

#Product Engineering #Mobility #Business Process Digitization
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Transparent Sustainable Retail tracking solution

Mobile tracking solution for a premium seafood retailer to ensure verifiability, customer retention and improved revenues.

#Business Process Digitization #Mobility
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