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The Client

A leading manufacturing company specializing in the production of nonwoven fabrics utilizing the most cutting-edge 5+ Nonwoven Technology is making strides in the industry by offering uniquely customised, cost effective products and services. Operating from a greenfield 15,000 square meter facility, their production line is fully automated and spearheaded according to Industry 4.0 principles. Their capacity of up to 18,000 tones of nonwoven fabric rolls per year, in collaboration with their superior technology partners from Europe-wide, truly makes them a leader in the industry. With quality and efficiency at its core, this company is truly setting new standards for nonwoven fabric production.
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The Challenge

The challenge faced by the manufacturer that came to Claritus was to sort through all the data, applications, and services and to simplify further and streamline the operations of the company. In order to do this, management decided to divide the operations into two divisions or companies and move 8 out of the 9 domains present at the existing tenant to the new company’s tenant.

The challenge of this was to limit any potential disruption to employees, customers, and business operations as much as possible – while still combining mailboxes and consolidating data from different user identities without loss of any essential information. This included the migration of emails, contacts, lists, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, and calendars from different tenants. Furthermore, due to the change in permanent or temporary usernames, there should not be a change in mailbox identities.

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The Solution

One Drive Migration : Assessment
After a thorough analysis, it was determined which OneDrive accounts needed migrating, and what data needed to be moved. Analysts also identified any potential dependencies, such as shared folders or permissions. As no unexpected issues were encountered during the scope analysis, we were able to confidently move forward with the migration process.
Migration Planning & Preparation
The solution to the case study was a structured and organized migration plan. First, the scope of the migration needed to be identified in order to develop an efficient plan. This included deciding on the best migration approach and selecting the appropriate tool. Additionally, a schedule was established that laid out when the migration would take place. Before migrating began, the destination tenant needed to be prepared. This included creating user accounts, groups, and allocating the necessary permissions.
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Completion and Verification of Migration
The challenge posed by migrating OneDrive data was successfully met with a reliable migration tool. After executing the migration, the accuracy of the transfer was verified through a thorough review of all the data. By double-checking that all documents and files had been correctly ported from their original location, we were able to guarantee a successful migration with minimal risk of data loss or accidental deletion. This process maximised the potential for a smooth and uninterrupted transition. The migration was performed and verified by Claritus’ team.
Communication with Users
To ensure a seamless transition, Claritus ensured that the users were communicated of their OneDrive data migration to the new tenant. With the help of proper communication, users knew what was going on and how to make the most out of the switch. Claritus provided clear information about using the new system was sent out, including the features and benefits of the environment, as well as support for any queries.

Teams Migration

Planning the Migration
The planned migration was key to ensuring that data was securely and efficiently transferred across platforms. With the right timeline, process, and resources, teams could be configured and managed successfully with their new platform of choice. The transfer of critical data, including chat messages, files, and team configurations, was paramount to the success of this migration. 
Preparation of Source and Destination Tenants
To ensure a successful Teams data migration, the source and destination tenants needed to be properly configured and meet the minimum requirements.
Using a Migration Tool
Migrating sensitive data can be a complicated process, but the right tools can make it a breeze for us at Claritus. In this case study, a migration tool was used to help transfer Teams data. The tool streamlined the process, ensuring that all data was securely transferred with minimal effort or disruption.
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Testing and Validation
The migration to the Teams environment was successful, and all systems were tested for functionality. Chat messages, files, and team configurations were all validated and verified to ensure that users could access them without any issues. Once it was confirmed that every component of the new Teams environment was properly set up, system administrators began the user onboarding process. 
Communication with Users
Claritus was only left with letting the users be intimated about the successful migration, so we passed on the information and completed the whole migration.

Exchange Online Migration

Preparation of Target Environment
The necessary security and compliance settings were configured to prepare the target environment, such as data loss prevention policies, retention policies, and eDiscovery. Mailboxes and other required objects in the target were created to ensure that all information was transferred over smoothly.
Verification of Connectivity
To ensure connectivity between the source and target tenants, a comprehensive test was conducted by Claritus. Firewall rules were properly configured, and DNS settings were verified to ensure valid connections were established.
Migrating the Mailbox Data
To ensure a successful migration of mailbox data, a Microsoft-native migration tool was implemented. This approach allowed for a secure transfer of crucial information not just including emails, contacts, and calendars but other important mailbox data as well.
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Verification of the Migrated Data
Once the data was migrated to the new tenant, a thorough verification process was placed by Claritus. This verification process included making sure all mailbox data had been correctly transferred, as well as testing mail flow rules, calendar sharing, and other features that were part of the migration.
Redirecting MX Records
Redirecting MX records to the new tenant’s Exchange Online server was an essential step in transitioning to the new system. Redirecting the MX records ensured that all incoming mail was delivered to the correct mailbox, avoiding any confusion or disruption due to a misdirected message. 
Completion of the Switch Over
The switchover was a huge success! The Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration went smoothly, with no hiccups. The data was verified for accuracy before the switchover took place, and the new environment ran without a hitch. 


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