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Are you looking for smart technology to win business? Angular JS is an open-source interactive and dynamic framework controlled by Google. It helps to build a user-friendly interface that boosts your business traction. We at Claritus offer a wide range of Angular JS services including Custom AngularJS development Ajax development; Web & API service integration, UI/UX development, AngularJS consulting, maintenance and support. Our team at Claritus is skilled in technologies like React JS, Angular JS, and Vue JS.


Angular JS framework allows extending HTML for developing any dynamic web content using two-way data binding and helps improve the testability and performance with minimal coding. Data Binding lets you choose “view-only” option instead of entire code-view. With its Declarative UI ability, it allows minimising your coding efforts to achieve the optimized results.

Angular JS makes use of MVC architecture that keeps the logic layer, presentation layer and data layer separate. Angular JS renders a dynamic view by combining information from the model and controller with the template. Angular JS Modularity allows you to develop applications where you can combine different modules together. Dependency Injection design pattern lets you remove the hard-coded dependencies from the software components. AngularJS allows flexibility using a JavaScript framework for creating single page applications (SPA).


Being an acclaimed Angular JS development company, Claritus has crafted the full stack of JS technology. We offer an innovative and dynamic framework which includes XML Request, CSS, XHTML and JavaScript that are suitable for small, medium and large-scale business and organizations. Our team of developers is proficient in developing real-time application solutions such as Real-time live content delivery, Real-time push notifications, Real-time activity stream, and Chats and Video calls. Claritus aims at being the one-stop place that marks-up all the compliance simultaneously supporting the easy adaptability. Hire expert Angular JS developers from Claritus to achieve the desired results.

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