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Top reasons why Vue.js is so popular in 2022

Top Reasons Why Vue.js is So Popular in 2023

Top reasons why Vue.js is so popular in 2022

Introduction to Vue.js

Vue.js, a front end JavaScript framework was created by Evan You, who conserves and looks after it together with his industrious and committed group members. It was released in 2014.

His brainchild was born when he encountered some glitches while professionally working as an engineer with Angular in Google.

The idea was to create something more lightweight and compact, and thus the development framework, Vue.js saw the light of the day.

While JavaScript is a behemoth, however, its own ecosystem is way more significant than the programming language itself.

The frameworks and libraries of it shape the programmer’s development time into a cakewalk by offering a superlative and stable platform with less bugs and flaws.

Vue.js is such an open source framework for creating user interfaces and single-page applications.

In fact, JavaScript apparently is the alphabet with Vue.js as the phrasebook for a software engineer to compose intelligent sentences for communication.

It’s brilliantly effective in setting in motion, state of the art single page apps with the help of advanced software packages and supporting libraries.

Reasons for the Popularity of Vue.js

1. Only 18 KB is the weight of the Vue.js framework in its downloaded zip form. So the download and installation of the library is blazing fast. This leverages your SEO and UX as well.

2. It has a collection of very effective and impressive tools for operation and performance. It’s compatible with TypeScript, end-to end testing instruments, a plugin installation set-up and allows unit testing. It also contains state manager, server renderer and browser debugging resources.

3. There are multiple ways in which web developers can be aided by Vue.js for implementing a shift to HTML components while improving, amending or attaching anything from Document Object Model (DOM). You can append third-party animated libraries to the development process and create a more comprehensible and easy to use, User Interface (UI).

4. Vue performs at breakneck speed. It’s not only the swiftest framework around but also has enough capabilities to offer flawless UI and UX. It can launch mobile apps much faster than either Angular or React.

5. One of the very prominent features of the framework is to Calculate Properties. It encourages designers and developers to make out the modifications and alterations happening to UI elements and make obvious interpretations from it. So, extra coding is redundant.

6. An indispensable and essential feature of any emerging technology is the ability to merge with prevailing applications. Vue.js does not require anything else other than JavaScript frameworks to be functional. Therefore, integration is an easy and seamless process. In this framework, you can also write templates in JS, JSX and HTML. Use it for any new project at will.

7. Since, all its functions are freely deployable, Vue,js is a one of kind tool for any programmer. It’s easy for them as they simply have to name the function to be use for. Each piece has a separate role. So it’s quite simple to modify the web application according to individual and unique requirements.

8. Documentation, which is one of the most crucial things, is very fine and crisp with respect to Vue.js. The framework displays all the alternatives and options and conforms to best practice cases. The documentation is constantly being amended, refreshed and brought up to date. It also encompasses a simple introductory guide together with a round-up and outline of the API.

Quite a few major conglomerates are using Vue.js including, Louis Vuitton, Adobe, BMW, Grammarly, Nintendo, Google and Netflix.


Anshuman Mehta