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Top Features & Benefits of Angular For Web development in 2023

AngularIntroduced in 2010, Angular is an enormously prominent and admired tool for software development these days.

There are ample reasons, why it’s advisable to utilize Angular rather than other available frameworks in the market.

It has JavaScript codebase and structural features that make it simple, easy to comprehend and ideal for all front-end developers.

By using Angular, you will be able to build scalable solutions that effectively cater to the needs of your clientele.

A very important advantage of this software development instrument is that, developers can easily create dynamic content out of static HTML documents.

You will also be provided with timely support and updates together with a fluid learning curve so that you understand each and every detail without any problem.

You can easily come to terms with this front-end framework when you start to design or develop cross-platform, single page web applications.

A few features and benefits of Angular


With Angular, progressive web applications (PWA) can be created. With the help of modern web capabilities it provides an app like experience to the users.

You can also develop apps for desktop. Ionic, which is a hybrid mobile software development kit, can transport your apps to the app store and deploy them as mobile ready PWA as well.

For everyone

A stunning and captivating front end platform, it helps to create incredible applications and high end animations which greatly upgrade client experience.

With a highly intuitive API, Angular allows developers to create complex animation with low code. You have access to more than 10 built-in testing modules for ensuring error free code.

Accessible applications can be created, to be utilized by anyone including those with special abilities.

Speed and performance

Angular apps load in the blink of an eye, and no other framework can match this pace.

The platform’s loading ensures that your websites are never sluggish due to its instant loading characteristic.

It changes templates into code and thus reinvents JavaScript virtual machine.

A noteworthy feature is that, code can be rendered in CSS and HTML and the application can be viewed from any platform like, .Net, NodeJS or PHP.

Two-way data binding

This is the most efficient feature of Angular.

The model layer is precisely represented by the view layer and they remain in immaculate and complete synchronization.

Any change made in the model can be seen automatically by users in the view model and you save on critical development time.

Minimum code

Compared to others it is a low code framework.

No separate code is required to link the Model-View-Controller (MVC) layers. No special code for manual viewing too.

App code and directives are segregated and separate from each other. Therefore, here also you save development time.

Virtual scrolling

This feature helps to respond to different scroll events. It also facilitates, items simulation in an efficient manner.


The Command Line Interface (CLI) of Angular observes industry-leading front end development practices which encompasses distinctive features like routing and SCSS support.

The conventional CLI of Angular like ng-add and ng-new assist the programmers to easily find out ready-made features.


A superscript for JavaScript called TypeScript is used to write code in Angular web development.

This gives a fluid experience to the developers. In fact with the help of it, you can identify and rectify flaws in code, while writing it.

TypeScript also brings about a higher security for the application.

It’s backward compatible and not a standalone language so functionalities can be added to it using any latest ECMA script or ES5.

It has grander and finer generics, interfaces, hybrid types, union/intersection types and access modifiers etc. than JavaScript.

Companies using Angular

Microsoft boldly went ahead with Angular web development which eventually materialized into different teams collaborating and creating on the web.

The colossal power of Angular enabled Gmail to allow its users across the globe to have unmatched ease of going through inbox messages, composing emails and answering mails inside a single webpage.

The revolutionary and trailblazing online money transfer organization PayPal uses Angular for building its structured, potent and evolving web pages handling the transaction data.

This brings about a seamless and satisfying mobile as well as web app experience for the users.

The powerful and beautiful people love Forbes due to its swift page loading and receptive as well as reactive characteristics made possible due to deployment of Angular.


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