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Top Online Code Editors for Web Developers in 2022

Top Online Code Editors for Web Developers

Top Online Code Editors for Web Developers in 2022
If you are a developer, then one of your means and a weapon to turn ideas into code is undeniably a code editor. In due course, as more online code editors see the light of the day, it becomes easier for you to code from any computer with internet connection. Also known as Integrated Development Environment (IDE), they have some distinct advantages.

Most of these IDEs are free, so they make a lot of sense especially for students who desire to become web developers in the future.

You may code straight in your browser so there is no requirement to download, install or configure an editor. This way, you save a lot of time as well as hard drive clutter.

These IDEs have modern sharing and collaboration options. So, after coding you can share the URL with your team members if you want them to continue with your work or need assistance about debugging. Therefore, an IDE appears to be a necessary option for persons working in a team.

Pricing is subscription-based. Paying monthly for an online editor makes more sense than shelling out for a yearly license fee.

Some great IDEs for programmers

1. CodePen

This one is apparently the most sought-after IDE. It’s fast, easy to use and a place where developers and designers can write and share HTML/CSS/JS code online. CodePen is free and it’s not necessary to create an account, therefore you can write a code or build a new web application right from your browser aptly. They assemble from all over world here, to show off their work.

2. Code Sandbox

This code editor is a stunning one, which permits you to build an application for your browser in a few minutes using latest programming languages like Angular.js, Vue.js and React. There is absolutely no need to set anything up. This one is ideal for visualizing algorithms, UX prototyping and creating simple web applications. It assists you to code fast and easy.

3. JS Fiddle

This online editor is free and open-source and for quite some time has been a favourite one for programmers who want to write and share code online. It allows you to have full control over code with code-hinting, text editing and error highlighting. You can get started rapidly with the numerous boilerplates that it offers like, Vue, React+, Typescript, CoffeeScript, Preact, CSS Grid and Bootstrap etc.

4. CodeAnywhere

This one offers a complete range of powerful developmental tools. To let you work offline it creates a local virtual environment. Even if your team members are in different locations, you can share code with them. It also provides integration with Git seamlessly. You can literally connect to anything and you are not restricted to store code on CodeAnywhre’s servers. Whether the code dwells on FTP, Amazon S3 or control platforms like GitHub, CodeAnywhere can be configured to write to and read from that source.

5. Replit

This online IDE is a start-up based in San Fransisco. With it you can easily develop code, teach others or collaborate with them. It’s a very convenient tool to write a blog post, make a presentation or teach kids. There are several collaborative features which include capability for real-time and multiuser editing with a live chat feed. You can select from languages like Java, C++, PHP, Ruby and Python etc.

6. StackBlitz

This is an editor with beautiful surprises, in the matter of taking the constraints away from web development and deployment. Created on VSCode editor it allows you to install extensions, organize files or search through the folders similar to a regular VSCode. It features 5 workspaces which are Angular JS, React, JavaScript, KendoReact and Ignite UI. One of its outstanding features is that the applications automatically get deployed on their servers and are hosted free of charge.

7. AWS Cloud9

If you intend to be a developer without encountering problems of setting up servers, coding or debugging, then this code editor is for you. You can take advantage of over 40 programming languages like C++, Go, Node, Ruby, PHP, Python and Java etc. This one can help you to get started right away.

Concluding words

Although not a complete list, these are some of the top online code editors for web developers. There are many more available on the internet. Take your pick according to your requirements and create great applications.


Waseem Khan