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Why IONIC Application Development Framework is the best choice

Why IONIC Application Development Framework is the best choice

Using the IONIC application development framework for hybrid Apps development is the fest choice of many. According to Drifty, the company that develops and supports Ionic, over a million hybrid apps have been developed with the help of their framework since its release in 2013. 

Companies do understand the dominance of mobile apps and they are finding a variety of ways to supply their customers the convenience of using their services/products and approaching them on the go. But the significant decision for these businesses is to choose the best Apps development framework to develop their apps. Most of the IONIC Development Services provider suggest to go with IONIC framework. So, it is mandatory to have understandings of IONIC Application Development Framework. That’s why we should have discuss a little bit about IONIC framework before jumping to the main point. 

What is IONIC Apps Development Framework? 

Ionic is an HTML5 SDK designed to be the foundation for hybrid mobile apps development. The Ionic framework is built from a combination of AngularJS, Apache Cordova (ex-Phonegap), and SASS. This allows for the creation of feature-rich mobile applications that exclusively use web technologies. The first version of Ionic was developed on top of AngularJS and Apache Cordova. Current Stable version is used Angular. Ionic is getting stronger day by day since it also gives support of PWA which works platform independently on each device. 

So, that is the short overview of IONIC framework which will help you to understand things about IONIC. Let’s come back to our main topic which is about the best choice. 

So, Why the IONIC Application Development Framework is Best Choice?

Ionic saves businesses time and resources while building cross-platform apps that represent most of the benefits of native alternatives. This is achieved by platform adaptation being so convenient. When using an Ionic framework, it is sometimes possible to release one application for both Android and iOS with the same resources. Now, you can imagine How much IONIC can be beneficial for a business. Besides the business benefits, it is really worth to talk about the advantages of an Ionic framework from the point of view of IONIC developers. 

Ionic is Completely Free and Open-Source – One thing is really amazing about IONIC is its completely free and open source. When powerful frameworks like Ionic are provided free of charge it levels the playing field and allows almost anybody to create things that can change their lives and the lives of others.

Well Known web technologies are used in IONIC Apps development – Even less experienced developers would be expected to have at least a basic knowledge of them, which greatly simplifies their mastering of their Ionic framework.

IONIC has a beautiful default UI that is easy to customize – There are lots of other frameworks are good like IONIC but they don’t have understandable UI for easy customization. But the default styles that Ionic provides are very sleek and simple, and you can customise them simply by adding one of the pre-defined CSS classes to the element

Tools & Services – Ionic provides a range of tools and services that make using the framework just that much nicer.  you can also replace blank with side menu or tabs to generate an application that has those features built in already. You can even provide a link to any project on CodePen to suck that in as a template.


Waseem Khan