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Claritus Consulting Partners with RPA Giant UiPath

Claritus Consulting Partners with RPA Giant UiPath

Claritus Consulting Partners with RPA Giant UiPath

Claritus Management Consulting is pleased to announce its collaboration with UiPath, a leading RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Software provider to help organization and corporates achieve higher efficiency and reduce response time of daily business tasks.

Claritus Consulting shall offer automation software and consulting services, accelerated implementation, deployment, user training and support services to its clients via this RPA product.

The solutions being delivered shall enable the clients of Claritus to achieve significant results and a promising Return on Investment along with other added benefits.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA is an emerging technology designed to complement the Business Process Automation based on intelligence of bots or Artificial Intelligence (AI).
It is being widely accepted in many leading organizations to increase efficiency and output via innovative technologies.
In this fourth generation of the IT industry, RPA has become a major asset for the human task force rather than the common myth-

“AI and Robotics are here for our jobs!”

Improved efficiency and effectiveness with exponential decrease in scope for error and response time are only some of the advantages of Process Automation.

How to utilize RPA efficiently?

RPA is aimed at providing far more consistent, accurate and faster processing standards in the industry with its basic focus on freeing up human resources from the daily repetitive and mundane tasks.

Before starting the process of actual automation, organizations must have a structured roadmap and clarity on how to transform/automate their processes.

Having this ready before the actual process shall save a lot of time and also help give valuable insights which in turn shall lead to improved ROIs.

Last but not the least, Process Automation is not here to take the jobs of human taskforce, rather, it is here to give purpose to our work by freeing up time to do more innovative and important tasks.


Sujay Kanjilal