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Core Concept of Mean Stack Development Services Framework

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Going with Mean Stack development Services Framework requires you to know core concept of it. You should have knowledge of Mean Stack Development Services Company process and its complete overview. Web development is one tricky part, as here the web developers have a wide range of choices and it is vital for them to pick the right ones. Technologies upgrading everyday and new challenges and updates coming day by day. This is the reason why today, most web developers are creating this switch from LAMP/WAMP stack into the MEAN stack that is considered the very best at the present time. As a framework, MEAN heap is acceptable for both startups and big enterprises. In reality, in the moment, both front-end and back-end programmers choose JavaScript framework for web development.

So, We have come with another blog which is all about Core Concept of MeanStack Development services Framework. But First going to discuss main topic we will cover Mean Stack Development Overview. Let’s know what exactly it is.

What Is MEAN?

MEAN is a open-source and free JavaScript software stack for building dynamic websites and web applications or we can say that the mean stack is a collection of JavaScript-based technologies which used to build web apps. MEAN is a miniature form for MongoDB, ExpressS, AngularJS, and NodeJS. From client to server to database, MEAN is complete stack JavaScript.

  1. M = MongoDB is a popular database manager which implements and work same as a NoSQL structure.
  2. E = Express is lightweight framework used to build web applications in Node.
  3. A = AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google. AngularJS Development Framework offers some quality features like the two-way data binding. It’s a complete solution for rapid and awesome front end development.
  4. N = NodeJS is a server-side Java-Script execution environment. It’s a platform built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime.

MongoDB offers a more flexibility for storming data and accommodating layer also. Node.js provides a much better nexus for running your server, while Express.js helps standardize how you construct your own sites. On the customer, AngularJS provides a fresh way of adding interactive functions and AJAX-driven rich components. Put all of them together and they create a tidy, coherent mechanism for transferring data from user to disc and back again. And These all things is all about Mean Stack Development Services Framework.

What Is the Core Concept Of Mean Stack Development Services Framework?

For Creating and building a dynamic and responsive website and Web Applications. Mean is very simple and easy to use but you should have knowledge of working process of Mean Stack. So, Want to know Working of MEAN? Check out below image for better understandings.

Explanation of Mean Stack Development Framework –

  1. When the client makes any request it is firstly processed by the AngularJS. AngularJS is also known as a client-side language in Java-Script.
  2. After that, the Request enters in phase 2 which is NodeJS. NodeJS is a server side language in JavaScript.
  3. After that Request enters in phase 3 which is ExpressJs it makes the request to the database.
  4. After that MongoDB recover the data and return the response to the ExpressJs.
  5. Then ExpressJs return response to the NodeJS and then NodeJS return it to the AngularJS to display the result.


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