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How RPA can Revolutionize your Organization’s Efficiency

Robotic Process Automation

Excel gave organizations an entirely new scope to organize and change the way of interaction with their data. It gave enterprises a way to collect massive amounts of information on a main platform, accessible to various (selected) people, helped in reducing paper trails and increased the speed of data analysis considerably.

This change was about 3 decades ago and now organizational demands have changed radically. This creates a demand for a new solution but unfortunately many organizations are still depending on the oler technologies. This leads to employees sifting through massive amounts of Excel data and making it accessible to different platforms.
Organizations have enormous amounts of data out of which a considerable amount remains untouched. This data might be vital to some process. Using these bots, data shall by organized, sifted and migrated to different platforms saving time and manual labour so that employees can focus more on important work.

Robotic Process Automation’s Potential to an Enterprise

RPA is designed to digitize and automate repetitive processes consisting of large sets of structured data across various processes in a particular business.
These bots are developed to interact with applications set by employees and can mimic human keystrokes.
Claritus Management Consulting has partnered with UIpath, a leading organization in the field of RPA.
These bots are a vital asset to data analysis and activities requiring migrating of data onto different platforms. This saves employees a lot of time and also cuts down the time spent on going back and forth on screens while copying data from one platform to another.
From presales to post sales and customer service – bots can be used to aid in everyday activities which are repetitive. Also, introducing bots to the workplace brings accuracy, reliability, consistency and compliance as you stay focused and analyse the long list of untouched organizational data.

Key points to adhere while setting up RPA in your organization

Easy Usability: Organizations don’t need a software engineer to implement and maintain the RPA bots. Employees can easily choose the processes they want to manage through the interactive User Interface of the automation.

Transforming your Digital workspace in accordance to RPA is not a small task. The process needs to be broken down into small and manageable steps with unlocking small sections of  the unused data at a time so as to realise the effect it has on other aspects of the business.

 RPA brings great results when used effectively to update information automatically. Suppose a process in an organization has a section of data in which phone numbers have to be updated. These tasks would usually comprise of 2-3 small steps with scope of error due to human processing. With RPA, all these processes can be automated easily.


Amit Ranjan