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Why AngularJS Framework is The Leader Of The Pack

Why AngularJS Framework is The Leader Of The Pack?

Why AngularJS Framework is The Leader Of The Pack

Do you know? There was a time when most of the people always used to deal with broken links and websites that are totally unresponsive. But slowly slowly, the tech world evolved and entered the age of responsive, interactive, and creative websites. Web developers heaved a sigh of relief when Google introduced AngularJS almost a decade ago with the intention of making the front-end development process a lot more simple and manageable.

In spite of the number of frameworks available in the market, most companies rely on AngularJS development services. Besides its ability to create mesmerizing and dynamic websites, find out the other reasons why AngularJS is so popular and highly favored by web app developers:

Ease To Use:

AngularJS enables web application development pros to appreciate several high-end, impressive characteristics that assist with building sites requiring minimal codes. AngularJS also rules out the requirement for writing getters and setters if you’re applying distinct data units. It makes it effortless for the parallel-working groups to handle directives since they’re not in any way required in the vital sections of the program code. Code composing mitigations save a lot of effort and time.

The MVC Architecture:

MVC (Model View Controller) is used by AngularJS for web application development as it is armed with the ability to string the application code together. It helps in saving the time spent on developing web apps and reduces the application’s time to market.

Two-way data-binding:

The two-way data binding function simply means having an impact on the application whenever there is any change in the user interface and vice versa. AngularJS is quite a pro with this functionality. Whenever the AngularJS framework experiences module changes, browser events, and user actions, it completely updates the essential patterns.

Community Support

Being a product of Google, AngularJS is encouraged by the massive AngularJS community on Google+ which includes specialist and skilled AngularJS programmers. These programmers are famous for their capacity to make enhancements and upgrades with the open-minded frame. The neighborhood organizes conventions quite often and invites businesses from all over the world to be able to maintain them aware of the newest developments in the tech.

Ease of testing:

When it comes to AngularJS, testing becomes a piece of cake. It gets really simple to operate various, distinct parts of the app propped into AngularJS. The Module Separation attribute allows developers to implement automated testing and load required services in an uncomplicated manner.

Client-side functioning

AngularJS is known for its capability to function on the client-side, being compatible with a mobile browser and desktop, both. As there is no need for backend modifications, the framework can be used for any kind of project. Hence, it can be safely used for building the front end of an app.

If you are looking for a reliable framework to work on, AngularJS makes a great pick as it enables advanced web app development. Of course, the benefits of this amazing framework are not limited to the above-mentioned points. AngularJS has got many more features that make it one of its kind. We would like to know your opinion on AngularJS and why do you prefer it above other frameworks!


Anshuman Mehta