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You Can Use Magento

You Can Use Magento If You’re Serious About eCommerce: Why?

You Can Use Magento

A very popular eCommerce platform

It’s a platform with PHP incorporated in it. So, it assists programmers to build eCommerce websites. The platform was introduced on March 31, 2008. Numerous companies use this open-source platform including top ones like Samsung, Nike and others. Magento should be your priority if you are an individual or businessman interested in developing a good, robust and long-term eCommerce site. For creating an online store, this is the best open source. However, the outstanding and remarkable characteristics of the platform are that it is highly professional and completely free. You only need to be conversant with a little bit of English and technology to successfully create a mighty site with Magento.
The constructive and beneficial features of the platform include, Product Management, Inventory Management, Category Management, Client Account Status, Order Management and Payments etc.

Reasons that make Magento different

1. Being open-source it draws developers from around the world. It allows easy installation and application for anyone out there. It offers flexibility to customize, together with scalability of eCommerce solutions. You can build distinctive and unique branded experiences by expanding and widening the platform. It easily complies with change and has the capacity to be reshaped and amended with regards to the needs of the retail outlet owners.

2. Magento is advanced and contemporary with respect to the current SEO ranking factors. Every organization focuses on reaching the top ranks of search engines and the platform makes it very easy to attain this goal. It has many intrinsic tools to do this effectively. CMS softwares like Magento are assuming greater importance with the rise in popularity of eCommerce stores. One of the outstanding features of the platform is analytics for tracing and keeping track of visitors.

3. These days cellphones and mobile applications play a pivotal role in the success of an organization. Magento is compatible with HTML 5, which eventually maximizes the mobile shopping experience while your eCommerce retail store remains perennially optimized. Furthermore, while publishing videos, the size of an image can be modified.

4. Magento is the victor with regards to page loading time. In fact, Magento intends to create the fastest eCommerce retail outlets in the world. It also possesses the capacity to bring forth a fast loading web page too. Many a time a slow loading page can result in unintentional and unanticipated consequences. So, this platform is designed with speed in mind.

5. Magento is highly scalable. Flexibility and scalability are of paramount importance for a platform to be successful. Therefore, even if you initially start with marketing just a few products to local customers, you can keep on adding payment preferences, and shipping alternatives as your business expands. This is an excellent feature of Magento and with its scalability, permits organizations to be certain of either steady or sudden growth.

6. The platform is very eCommerce centric. It’s meant to promote growth for eCommerce retail outlets. As a result the platform garners more businesses towards itself. Magento addresses all complications, disputes and tasks which an online store owner may come across. This is one of the factors why programmers prefer the platform and derives immense convenience and satisfaction out of it.

7. Magento has a very high level of customization and personalization. Its rivals offer multiple themes, all of which appear similar. However, with this platform, it’s possible to build a distinctive and one of a kind online store that is sure to stand out among so many others.

The inference

Statistics demonstrate that it’s a wise decision to use Magento for developing an eCommerce website. If you seriously consider building an eCommerce store and the perks and strengths of Magento are the reasons for deciding in its favour, then engage a professional team of programmers. Only they are adept at delivering a perfect one to you in record time.


Abhishek Kumar