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Machine Learning Vs AI

Machine Learning Vs AI

Machine Learning Vs AI

Raise your hands if you too have been caught in the confusion of differentiating between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Although these two terminologies are usually used interchangeably, they do not quite refer to the same things. The terms have been showing up so frequently in news and technology websites that people are often mixing up the two terms or are using them synonymously. Machine learning is elementarily a subset of AI that is an umbrella term for any computer program that does something smart. So all machine learning counts as AI, but all AI does not count as Machine Learning.

A brief profile of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is considered to be the future of modern science as the branch not only includes learning things but also includes the decision making the ability for giving the system the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. So AI is all about doing smart work. The devices designed for Artificial Intelligence act intelligently. You don’t even have any idea what AI can do. Some of the possible examples are maneuvering an autonomous vehicle or intelligently trading stocks and shares. AI can be necessarily defined as that area that has led to the development of Machine Learning.

The rise of Machine Learning

Machine learning programs never have to be explicitly entered into a computer. They adjust themselves in response to data that they are exposed to. Machine learning revolves all around learning and collecting data using the specific algorithms to optimize along a certain dimension. The intention of Machine Learning primarily is to enable the machines to learn by themselves using the provided data and hence make accurate decisions. It’s like a method of training the algorithms so that they can know how to make decisions. Imagine you are teaching some non-living system to learn! Doesn’t sound more interesting than training your pet or something?

In general, the two terms may appear to be quite similar, but they are different in the context that AI is a broader concept that involves significant decision-making ability and a lot more whereas machine learning just falls under AI.


Mmaneesh Batra