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IOT Real world Applications for Mobile Devices

IOT Real-world Applications for Mobile Devices

IOT Real-world Applications for Mobile Devices

Smartly connected devices, cloud-based computing, and wireless connectivity have provided a perfect platform for the IoT- Internet of Tings. The platform helps an organization to control, automate, monitor and optimize the organizational operation process. Generally, IoT termed as the devices which can exchange data with embedded sensors.
To carry out the work effectively, you need to control the device or order the device what to do, and this is done through IoT apps. Now, most of the mobile devices are coming equipped with all the lasts features to run an IoT app without any issue. You can control the IoT devices through the apps using your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. So here are some IoT mobile apps that are gaining popularity among the users.

Some best IoT apps for mobile devices

1. Uber

It is stated Uber is the first transportation company to use the IoT. The company has provided a simple and useful app to enhance their riding experience. All you need just to press one button to book and call the car to your pick-up destination. The entire process is managed through the IoT. It has a location sensor which has assigned to both the driver and passenger. When you book a car, the information will send to the cloud system, and then it will transfer to the driver. This IoT app has changed the travel experience of the passengers.

2. Nest

No one can’t ignore the impact of IoT on the homes. Different devices like home environment controls, lighting, and smart appliances have made life a lot easier and comfortable. One of the best IoT app in this segment is Nest. The app uses the sensors, algorithms and the location of your phone to control the Nest devices. Using the app, you can control smart devices Nest Thermostat, indoor cameras, and alarms.

3. Pawscout Pet Finder

IoT’s contribution in pet and child care is unavoidable. Using GPS tags with children’s wearables, you can keep an eye on your children and pet. Pawscout Pet Finder, a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) GPS tag which can be attached to your pet’s collar. Using the app, you can locate your pet.

There are more such powerful IoT mobile apps which are helping and bringing positive impact on mankind.


Shruti Bhatnagar