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What is the current trend of Blockchain at an enterprise level?

Blockchain Development is not overhyped and it is not limited to crypto-lovers. Businesses owners have started to accept this new and innovative technological change.

According to a recent study conducted by Deloitte, a group of 1300 senior executives were surveyed and out of that 53% had the opinion that blockchain is critical of overall growth in 2019.

According to this study, blockchain is finally getting the front wheel. It is evolving into somewhat of a “mature solution poised to deliver its initial promise to disrupt”.

In short, enterprises have globally accepted it as a mainstream technology.

Blockchain as an integral part of your organisation

With growing concerns over consumer privacy, complex demand supply chains and a humongous amount of sensitive data to manage, people are looking at a solution, blockchain which can address ALL these issues in one go. Just think of the biggest obstacles in your organisation, blockchain has a solution for it.

Every innovation has its sceptives. Same with Blockchain. But the above Deloitte report has shown that business leaders are not asking whether blockchain can; they’re asking how. 

Implementation, regulation and other laws aside, blockchain is going to revolutionize how we do business. Let’s look how it has made changes already.

Sharing Data Securely in Healthcare

This is one of the major issues covered by Blockchain. Let’s take an example of the healthcare industry. Error in medical reports is the third leading cause of death in the United States – the leading cause is lack of communication issues between providers. The growing branches of healthcare, its strict privacy guidelines and high cost of data intrusion make it ideal for Blockchain to take over this industry.

Upgrade your Supply Management Chain

Global supply chain – one of the most complex and opaque processes in the manufacturing industry. A single smartphone has dozens of components which are manufactured all around the world. THe battery might be manufactured in China while display might have been from South Korea.

This makes it difficult for brands to reverse track their products leading to illegal and unethical practices. Even if there are no current malpractices going on, managing this enormous amount of data alone is a big task. Blochain is already addressing these issues for giants like Walmart, Apple and Nestle.

So, how do I integrate Blockchain in my enterprise

Besides healthcare and manufacturing, blockchain is now helping various industries to solve issues. If you also think its time to get into Blockchain, don’t hesitate to contact us or ask anything related to our Blockchain Development Services.


Siva Paparao Kante