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BigCommerce vs Shopify

BigCommerce vs. Shopify: What is the difference?

BigCommerce vs. Shopify: What is the difference

It helps to know the difference

Two heavyweight and vital players in the universe of hosted e-commerce software are BigCommerce and Shopify. A simple to use shopping platform is offered by Shopify to businessmen, industrialists and traders since 2004 whereas BigCommerce was established in 2009 and has become a powerful builder of eCommerce. Notwithstanding the top platform Shopify having a handful of years head start, BigCommerce is no less qualified and after having arrived at the party pretty fast, doesn’t show any sign of either declining or losing pace.

Tens of thousands of online stores generate billions of dollars of gross sales for both the organizations. A great evidence of the strength, adaptability and flexibility of these platforms is that, some of these online retailers are the biggest in the world. As an eCommerce retailer, one of the most critical decisions you can take is about which platform to latch onto. The platform is your storefront and that brings about a tremendous effect on whether your esteemed clientele choose to peek at your site while surfing the internet, purchase something from it or leave altogether.

The right selection also causes profound effects on everyday management and operations of your online shop with respect to attending support of clientele, adding fresh merchandizes and goods to your stock, collecting payments and a lot of other aspects. The stage for transactions should be constructed in such a manner that it fully satiates your requirements together with that of your customers.

A few differences

1. Both the platforms have identical imaginative and unorthodox features for their online outlets, which include sales channels, tools and instruments for order management, and integrated SEO functionality. However the two very important distinguishing characteristics are Shopify’s more feature-packed mobile app and Shopify POS. The app can be utilized to run the entire retail unit from a cellphone and you can directly merge the POS with your Shopify retail store to reinforce your online and offline transactions.

2. BigCommerce is a cyber business stage for your online retail outlet. Shopify is an electronic supermarket platform for a similar store delivering academic resources, budgetary and commercial services, Shopify Experts and much more.

3.Both BigCommerce and Shopify have drag-and-drop store compilers. However Shopify has intuitive “sections” which aid in hiding, showing, rearranging and editing sections to produce the most idyllic and satisfactory online shopping experience for your clientele without any coding or design skill.

4. Shopify and BigCommerce have almost identical pricing structures with schemes ranging between $ 29.00 USD per month and $ 299.00 USD per month. BigCommerce provides 0% transaction fees irrespective of payment gateways. With Shopify you can also secure 0% transaction fees with the ability to implement Shop Pay by using Shopify Payments.

5.Shopify has an expanding array of alliances and unifications with companies like Amazon, Walmart, Instagram, Facebook, Google and Tiktok which can aid you to market your products to your clientele wherever they may be. Compared to BigCommerce, the utter enormity of Shopify’s digital environment makes it an attractive proposition for partners and developers who intend to start a retail store based on a digital platform on a priority basis.

6. Customers are required to key in customer data by some merchants at the point of purchase. Both Shopify and BigCommerce facilitate this. However it’s much easier to configure custom data capture with BigCommerce. Simply a text field needs to be added as an option to the product.

7. Both the platforms are uncomplicated to use, since both feature a simple and user friendly content management system. Their interfaces work in a similar manner and are quite alike in appearance too.

The last word

Both Shopify and BigCommerce are outstanding site builders and online managers. However, the final verdict of choosing one lies in your hands and hopefully the information given above will help you to select the platform that caters to your needs in the finest of ways.


Arijit Roy