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4 Key Ecommerce Development trends for 2020

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Since the dawn of Ecommerce, technological advances have considerably helped increase the efficiency of businesses. 

Be it bringing traffic, generating orders or tracking the orders and shipping, all credit goes to technology.

Now that the Ecommerce Industry has reached a level of efficiency and major brands are on the run to capture local markets, the prime focus is to get even more better, reach new heights and carve new records.

Having a long standing industry experience in Ecommerce Development Services, we have carved out these factors which shall play a vital role in revolutionizing a Digital Business in 2020.

Ecommerce Development shall transcend over communication channels

User Experience was till now over multiple screen types. Now voice and wearable devices shall give aid in bringing a seamless experience for the customer.

Staples has integrated an AI product search in the form of small kiosks all over their stores for a smooth customer experience.

Ecommerce set to be more personalized

We have been hearing a lot about this since the dawn of Ecommerce giants. This advancement  is set to change quite a bit with the help of next gen tech such as AI/ML. 

Each individual shall be presented with a unique experience based on his/her geography, past behaviour and search history. The aim is to be efficient to stand out from the crowd by providing clarity and innovation to problems faced by customers. Specially small examples where an automation is failing whereas a salesperson is able to fix the problem.

Focus on Content Marketing is a rising trend

No, not only B2B. Even B2C industries are shifting or adapting/experimenting with a content based process. Long tail retail sales has a rising trend for this. Prospects presented with relevant and useful content are much more likely to buy your product.
AI infused in this process shall help line up rich content to facilitate the process of increasing your conversions through Remarketing.

Ecommerce Development for better Customer Service and Retaining Business

For quite a bit of time, a vital function of this business has been overlooked and generally budget allocation is also not proper. This is Customer Service.
Organizations which are smart have invested equally in Customer Service and are already reaping the benefits.

A colleague recently bought an Espresso machine from a well-known Ecommerce. Suddenly, her device was not working properly due to her lack of knowledge about this brand new IoT based Espresso Machine. 

She goes to website and starts asking for help on the live chat. The person on the end was also a coffee-addict and helped my her get acquainted with the features. But, the conversation didn’t end there. 

The Customer Service contacted her after a few days to suggest some products which could be of use to her based on her interests.

Now, was the follow-up cheap? No? But did that end up with YOU retaining a customer and maybe a few referrals?

Food for thought.