Digital Transformation
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5 Things a CIO should know before diving into Digital Transformation Mode,

Digital Transformation

Almost every industry in this era faces random obstructions through different forces. Shortcomings such as rising costs, product failures, launch delays, safety recalls and such seem to be the reason for this.

Leaders try to adapt and overcome these situations through Digital Transformation. Digital Manufacturing is the new talk of the town and upgrading your enterprise infrastructure has never been more important. The time to dive into Digital Transformation is right now.

As stated by Forbes, “As companies invent new business models through digital transformation and bring new organizations into being, they do more than cover new ground.”

The CIO must be ready to adapt and adjust to this new chapter but should tread carefully.

Some of the vital aspects are as follows:

  1. Understanding that technology is no more a support role, it is the face of the business, rather, it is THE BUSINESS.
  2. Adapting new digital models and platforms to ensure a smooth customer experience and employee satisfaction to maintain an overall growth.
  3. Accepting that these new(Digital) models and platforms have no respect for the traditional functioning organizations. You should be ready to achieve a end-to-end customer experience spanning over any of the working Digital Models.
  4. Before setting out to achieve new standards of DX, CIOs must always think of their business relationship first. They need to get talent close to themselves to get better acquainted with tech changes.
  5. IT operating models with the traditional Waterfall structures much change into a more advanced state i.e. DevOps. For this to happen, companies must shift to a cloud based infrastructure.

Does Digital transformation mean extinction of current CIO roles?

No, CIOs need to take this hurdle as a positive change, have an adapting mindset, ensure that proper talent is available for deeper insights into the process and focus on Speed and Agility throughout this transformation.

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