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What’s Sharepoint and how it can help your business!

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Since a long time, SharePoint’s role has been as a platform to create, design and manage workspaces, websites and content. The role it plays online is just a reflection of what all things have been added in the past decade.

Creating websites is meant to be a menial task in SharePoint. Websites can be very generic, like one for a specific project, function or demographic. Users can themselves post to the platform online and manage content in a delegated fashion, without the need for a webmaster. Users with the necessary rights are able to contribute and collaborate directly.

SharePoint also includes document management, records management, compliance settings and workflow management. Having more advanced document management features such as versioning, metadata tagging and real-time coauthoring, SharePoint is the most optimum company-based document management solution there is currently in the market.

With added capabilities of creating, sharing tasks, calendars, contacts, and content lists, SharePoint transforms into a dynamic P2P workspace by letting you build applications that take advantage of these tools and features. Your business or organization can connect together as an intranet platform to share and communicate information by creating a dedicated workspace.

So, what should you as a company be acquainted with this Cloud Working Infrastructure

A Cloud Based Architecture is one of the most sought after and reliable solution because:

1) Virtual storage space has become super cheap 

2) Internet access has become extremely dependable and fast globally, even on the go.

It’s easier to store your files and data in one central location and access through multiple platforms across a variety of supported devices (desktop, laptop, phone, tablet).

This helped Sharepoint to reduce the risks involved. Gone are the days when you lose all of your files, email, contacts, and so if your hard drive crashes or you have to factory-reset your smartphone. Just download your content from the cloud once your hardware is fixed and you’ll be as good as new.

How can Claritus Help you in Sharepoint Development

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We believe in leading the front door in innovation via technology.

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