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Key Features Making Node.js Ready

NodeJS development

The development with Node.js is effective, productive, and as per the desired requirements of the clients.

Experts who have been working in the domain for a long and have a great base of successful projects and client base are happy to work with the framework and credit the framework to have eased the work.

1. Serverless and Hardware Free Solution

A highly advantageous feature of Node.js is that it eliminates factors like hardware and server maintenance from performance deciding factors.

This helps to not only save cost but also reduce time and hence, enhance the efficiency and productivity of the developers as well the organizations using the framework.

It has immensely improved upon the project quality, has highly reduced the project costs, and has powered the flexible usage of the codes for the developers.

2. Microservices

Microservices provided by the Node.js framework is helpful in increasing the maintenance of the codes. It acts to support the serverless approach and shows great effectiveness in large projects.

3. Scalability

The services are performance-oriented and can significantly impact the execution speed and scalability of the project. It also has a major benefit that only the part of the affected code needs to be changed rather than changing the complete coding structure.

4. Reusability

The framework reduces logic replication highly and can be used by multiple applications.

5. GraphQL

As per the stats recorded by Facebook and Shopify, GraphQL is expected to grow beyond its existing level in 2020 and continue even in 2021 with great pace.

Including GraphQL in an application enables the use of sources of multiple data in an efficient and effective manner.

It also simplifies the workflow to a great extent on multiple platforms, and the development of new features – it can provide sample placeholder structures while features are still being.

6. Real-Time Apps

We widely use real-time applications regularly. From food delivery apps with the locations of our coveted meal (Zomato) to Google Docs, and many other online collaboration tools including a number of trading platforms.

All these applications require strong processing at the backend. Data serving platform like Node.js proves to be a great solution to suffice both of these needs with the outstanding support it provides for the WebSockets protocol.

7. Cloud Solutions

From building a new cloud app from scratch to scaling the existing cloud apps, Node.js can also be deployed to add efficiency. Its serverless structure is the main reason behind its better capabilities.

8. Use in IoT

For geo-distributed systems, tracking, and real-time features, Node.js lets you implement micro-services, real-time related capabilities, and data-centric approaches and becomes a good fit for building IoT applications.

Why is Node.js Promising For 2021?

  • It has simplified the application of different features and services in both horizontal as well as vertical positions.
  • Node.js is easy to learn and master as well as in high demand due to its capabilities and uses.
  • It gives the developer power to work upon the client as well as the server applications at the same time and hence, is one of the most advanced full-stack software development frameworks.
  • Node.js is powered by the Google V8 engine which adds fuel to its already high performance.
  • Supported by a huge community which helps in resolving the problems quickly and easily.

Node.js, thus, has emerged as one of the universal frameworks for the development of a diversity of applications.

The benefits of the framework Node.js have been growing constantly with time and environment and the language has been delivering a great platform to the clients based on the requirements and desired features.

The framework has fuelled the digital transformation in a number of ways and has helped a number of organizations to leverage the advantage of the technology and online transition.

With more than 168K websites using Node.js, organizations using the framework are happy and a number of clients are looking forward to increasing the usage of the framework in the upcoming years.


Waseem Khan