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Copy of Some frontend trends that are unfolding in the world of web development

Some frontend trends that are unfolding in the world of web development

Some frontend trends that are unfolding in the world of web development

In this article, we are going to distinguish the main Frontend trends in web technologies and web development.  If you do not adapt to change, you are bound to get buried by the competitors who do. Unlike any other industry, web development and frontend trends can change faster than we can keep up with. This year is a very promising one when it comes to technologies and the trends that await us. 

In case you have not kept your hand on the pulse of these current trends, and you have lost touch with what is worth using and what can be thrown into a dumpster, take a look at our some frontend trends that are unfolding in the world of web development. 

Top Frontend Trends In Web Development 2020: 

JavaScript Remains On Top

As shown by a survey on stack overflow that involved 64,000 developers, JavaScript remains one of the most popular programming languages in today’s world, as it has over the past five years. It is no big surprise, of course. JavaScript has tons of libraries and frameworks that are so diverse that any developer can find the one that suits his or her needs; however, the heated stand-off between React and Angular JS frameworks is far from over.

Static Sites Are Back

Static sites, until recently, appeared to be something of the past nonetheless, today they’re making a comeback in 2020, and ought not to stay unnoticed among the most recent trends in front development. In summary, static websites are the ones that don’t need any databases for storing information, meaning a frontend programmer doesn’t require a backend programmer to make a static site.

Chatbots + Artificial Intelligence = Happy Customers

You know It is predicted by Gartner that, by 2020, 85% of customer interactions with companies will be done without talking to a live person on the company’s end. The only question is what technologies will replace human assistance. 

Chatbots may be the answer to this question. There are already plenty of chatbots out there, and users are no longer surprised when they are replied to by a chatbot instead of a living person. What remains to be a problem is the quality of such interaction.

As artificial intelligence technologies are rapidly developing, we are already observing positive changes in the quality of chatbots. AI is already here to create qualitatively new front end technologies, so it is up to you whether to jump on the first wagon of this train or wait until you see a bit more proof before you make up your mind.

Progressive Web Apps

As proven by research done worldwide in 2017, people acknowledge that they spend a minimum of 1-3 hours on their smartphones per day. An unbelievable 26% of the respondents stated that they use smartphones for more than seven hours, daily.

No developer or company has the moral right to disappoint their potential users, which is why mobile application development has been one of the front end development trends for the past several years.

Motion UI

Last but not least, Motion UI is what’s new before development. Minimalism is great, but it might get boring for users. Motion UI will make any website stand out. It allows programmers to add different animations into a website to make it pleasant to use. Improving user experience leads to an increase in conversion rates, recall?

For example, developers can add motions to transitions between different pages or graphs. The key thing they ought to remember to do is to keep the balance between”not enough” and”too much” animation.

The most important reason behind Motion UI increasing in popularity is that this application makes it possible for developers to incorporate animations without needing to have a strong understanding of JavaScript or jQuery in detail.

The Key Trend

As you can see, people tend to like simplicity, and frontend developers, as well as users, are people. So, the main trend of 2020 that you should always keep in mind is simplicity. Whatever you create, keep both the development and the product simple.


Abhishek Kumar