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Foundational Technology Trends

Foundational Technology Trends for 2021?

Technology, as it appears now, is evolving at a very high speed, facilitating faster progress and change. The acceleration of the rate of change, which is occurring due to this, will surely become exponential eventually.

Nevertheless, it is not only top technologies and trends in technology that are emerging and unfolding in front of us. Due to the outbreak of COVID 19 many things have changed this year and IT professionals have realized that their role will not be the same in the coming days of contactless world. Out of necessity, these professionals have to constantly learn, relearn or unlearn. The stakes seem to be very high in 2021. Will there be mainstream technologies like AI and data analytics remaining in force or will there be newer forms of technology arriving? However, the following are a few technology trends which will dominate 2021 anyway.

1. 5G
Only a few months ago, the need for a dependable and fast connection became urgent. Enter 5G. There were no other ways to enhance speed, as remote work, digital collaboration, and video conferences are becoming entangled with our daily lives. It was quite evident to telecommunication organizations that they had to usher in 5G. More than 50% of the businesses using IoT have detected and acknowledged a significant improvement in the insight into customer behaviors, preferences, and needs. So, it is expected to be mainstream in 2021.

2. AI
For many organizations, during the pandemic, AI has been a real godsend. The technology has continuously and reliably improved operations for them. So, its usage has become more common. It has helped customers with suggestions, when they were either shopping on Amazon or watching movies on Netflix. Naturally, more companies will leverage AI to take advantage of the rising computing power, software and frameworks that cloud provides.

3. Quantum Computing
It has helped in successfully managing COVID 19. Controlling the spread, development of therapeutics, and searching for possible vaccines are areas where it performed very well. Another field, in which it has become very useful, is the banking industry for managing high-frequency trading, credit risk, and detection of fraud. Since people have now realized the power of quantum computing, it’s only natural that many industries will start using it in 2021 and farther on.

4. Robotic Process Automation
This is a technology which automates jobs. Repetitive tasks performed by humans are automated by RPA. It takes care of business processes like, dealing with data, processing transactions, understanding and analyzing applications and replying to emails too. Although the technology may threaten the livelihood of nearly 9% of the global workforce, it can also create new opportunities while modifying and transforming the existing jobs.

5. Internet Of Things
This is another very promising new technology. IoT for short, it is the future, and has already enabled and connected devices, home appliances, cars etc., to each other and to the internet for exchanging data through it. From locking doors remotely to preheating our food when we are away, and tracking fitness simultaneously, are all possible with help of IoT. Also, since IoT collects data and analyzes it, better safety, effectiveness and decision-making for businesses take place. Predictions inform, that by 2030, around 50 billion of IoT devices will be in use across the world interconnecting everything from kitchen appliances to smartphones.

6. Human Augmentation
This can be defined as a way by which the cognitive and physical ability of a human being can be effectively bolstered. If implanted in someone, it will give him the ability to perform tasks previously impossible for him. For example, miners have wearables with safety features embedded in it. Human augmentation in soldiers notwithstanding being a controversial subject, is being pursued by armed forces of quite a few countries surreptitiously, demonstrates another form of usage. Since it has the potential to significantly increase a person’s thinking and decision making process, it holds immense possibilities for the future.

7. Cybersecurity
With cybersecurity mesh any digital security asset can be accessed, wherever maybe it’s location. The advantage is that, it enables someone to place the security wall around an individual and not around the total organization. The safety and invincibility of the company assets outside its boundary has been affected by the abrupt rise in remote workforces and cloud technology. With the help of Cybersecurity mesh the protection boundary is enhanced effectively, and individuals working remotely are covered too.


Pankaj Kumar