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Extend your team with Staff Augmentation

Extend your team with Staff Augmentation

Extend your team with Staff Augmentation with Claritus

Why is it required?

There are many ways to motivate your squad and crew in the company to be more efficient. That can happen by way of salary hike, extra days off, team creation exercises etc. Unfortunately, these methods fail to produce results, if your team is overburdened with tasks and can’t concentrate properly on all the business processes in your organization. Consequently, you look around for some external help. Enter staff augmentation service. You are on your way towards a solution.
Staff augmentation is one of the most adjustable and resilient outsourcing models. It’s mainly required when a company signs on specialists from outside to strengthen the performance efficiency of its team on a provisional basis. This model permits to bridge the gaps swiftly with qualified experts on the company’s ongoing projects. The staff augmentation companies provide skilled professionals like software developers, project managers, system analysts, DevOps specialists, designers and more. In short, staff augmentation is a commercially gainful substitute to on-site recruitment. You can retain them for as long as you want and employ as many as you wish, to assist your team remotely. This way, you can avoid all inconveniences and annoyances concerned with HR.

The advantages

A. You don’t need to be apprehensive and concerned about IP rights since the expanded team is all yours. You own all the rights.
B. This is one of the most important benefits. The company providing experts ensures that you have the best from the talent pool of the technology sphere you are concerned with. As a result, staff productivity is sure to shoot up with more experts engaged with a particular project.
C. It’s a less expensive alternative for organizations. The work starts just after a fee is paid. No need to recruit and train new employees. So you cut down on company expenditure.
D. A flexible team is created with the help of IT staff augmentation. Without the trouble of providing employment and staffing, any team can be controlled and any staff can be hired provisionally.
E. Project management becomes very easy due to staff augmentation. Being in direct contact with the group, you can make sure that it’s on track and also incorporate the required modifications.

Things to remember

1. It’s always advisable to arrange a few extra meetings for the outsourced and the in-house teams. This facilitates a team spirit and camaraderie between the two. It also aids the team from outside to rapidly grasp the nuances of your project.
2. A project manager should be there for the outsourced team so that the team members can resolve any issue with regards to the project at its commencement.
3. This is particularly real in case of offshore staff augmentation. Communication issues may take place due to time zone lags and language barriers.
Staff augmentation allows companies to enhance the capability of an in-house team and brings down overhead expenses. It can also be leveraged by some to obtain an endless source of experts and outstanding software developers for their projects. Finally, it paves the way to derive a plethora of opportunities to refine their projects and maximize the productivity of the in-house team.


Mmaneesh Batra