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Driver App for your Logistics and Delivery System scaled

Creating a Driver App for your Logistics and Delivery System

Custom Driver App Development

At Claritus, we have become experts in custom driver app development. Over time, we have noticed an interesting pattern. Business owners always tend to focus on the client-end app and lose sight of the app for drivers.

In reality, attracting drivers is way harder than attracting customers. Did you know, grocery delivery providers are experiencing difficulties to attract more truck drivers?

In 2019, the American Trucking Association (ATA) made an estimate that there was a need for at least 50,000 truck drivers. This shortage still exists, and by the prediction of the ATA, the US trucking industry will be short of 175,000 truck drivers by 2026 due to e-commerce growth.

Being the situation as it is, our task is to save you from making a very common mistake. Investing most of your efforts and resources in the customer app. Let’s dive into ways to create a delivery app for an on-demand delivery platform.

The Core features for any driver app

On-demand delivery services face multiple challenges along the delivery process. They are generally associated with a lack of real-time tracking, sending automated requests to couriers, and a lack of information regarding orders. Here are some issues we think are must to be dealt with in any driver management app.

  • Easy and automated driver onboarding
  • Searching orders with filters
  • Bidding platform for truck drivers regarding a job position
  • Pick-up and drop-off confirmation of load
  • On the go notifications
  • Real-time chatting platform

Now, we shall talk about some other features of the driver’s app.

Proof of delivery feature

This feature aims to transform the delivery experience while eliminating disputes between delivery providers and customers. It is usually provided via pin code, photo, and or barcode scanner. It also helps drivers to drop-off the cargo at a much faster rate by not having to manually log in to the customer end or even physically sign a piece of document.

 Driver dashboard 

It contains all the necessary details of a truck driver such as miles driven, their earnings, payment status and so on. You could consider integrating other management tools like time tracking and payroll management to make the process much easier on both ends.

ELD Integration

You could go with an FMCSA approved ELD solution to help you in avoiding the cost of proprietary e-logging hardware. It uses Bluetooth and is synchronized with the truck’s engine to provide accurate readings for logging in which can be done via the driver’s smartphone.

Maps Integration

Integrating a location-based data solution is a must for your driver-oriented functionality in your app. It helps truck drivers to ascertain their exact location via the app even when they are offline, as the maps are already downloaded on their device. It is highly beneficial when traveling through remote locations and network connectivity is poor.

Car crash detection

This is a feature which would be mandatory in the coming years as per our estimate. It helps the driver by providing necessary emergency contacts and also contains a checklist for crash detection.

Wrapping Up

After reading all this, if you still have some queries regarding custom driver app development or if you are ready to get your driver based app developed, feel free to leave us a message here and our business analysts shall get in touch with you to understand your needs.


Shruti Bhatnagar