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COVID-19 and the rise of Virtual Teams

COVID-19 and the rise of Virtual Teams

We all are stacked between rolls of toilet paper, groceries and one more thing, remote working setups. While remote working and similar methods of engagement are common in many organizations, the COVID-19 outbreak has expanded its scope exponentially. 

Organizations who are adapting to this method as an experiment could end up with a very beneficial decision depending on your type of work and other factors. According to a report by Owl Labs, 44% of global organizations did not support remote working. This means that more than half of them do support it

Being seasoned in a virtual environment and team deployment, Claritus believes that working virtually can work wonders if applied effectively. The goal of reporting managers/Virtual Team leads should be towards completing the tasks and responsibilities assigned.

Communication is the key to success. Yes, Virtual Team Leads should be hypervigilant. This does not mean you video record each second of employee work hours. Team leads working on a common project should communicate between themselves while assigning realistic goals to members. 

Most important of all, remote working can bring a lot of confusion if there is no clarity.Team leaders should communicate with members while keeping in mind:

  • How much does the employee know?
  • How much background knowledge is to be given to a team member?
  • What is the expected outcome of an employee?

To solidify things while concluding meetings, be sure to make a comment or feedback in the form of emails so as to make informed decisions while moving ahead. Maintain a to-do list or circular and pass it on to team members explaining what is needed, establish timelines and mention any other forms of support they will be provided (if required).

Lastly, acknowledge/celebrate team accomplishments with recorded audio/video messages. This can help all team members remain focused on the main goal, which can be a bit difficult during these challenging times while working individually in a goal-oriented fashion. 

Being a leader in Software Development, Claritus has multiple teams seasoned in the digital transformation of your business remotely. If you would like to get on a call, here’s our sales team


Anshuman Mehta