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Personalize and enhance Intranet Portals for your Employees

Personalized Intranet Portals

Companies, be it large, medium or  small are focusing their resources on continually enhancing their digital workplace. It is a key landing page for all their employees as soon as they login to the laptops or PC. The most efficient and successful intranet portal maintains an easy way to keep employees informed of internal news, making them feel part of the organizations’ successes, and promoting upcoming events.

Organizations are always looking for ways to retain the employees on the portal by making it more comprehensive and adding coherent content to keep them engaged. More importantly, REMOVING all the unnecessary content which is a major factor in retaining more users.

For our esteemed enterprise-level clients, we have built custom intranet portals while focusing on good personalization and user-oriented functionalities- the 2 fundamental issues behind the success of any intranet portal. To be precise, it is actually the difference between sioling vast amounts of data and keeping a healthy and engaging platform.

How our clients stepped into Content-Specific Intranet Portals:

  • Creating/curating targeted content and then introducing the option for the employees to personalize their feed based on content categories.
  • They launch the portal with both options, automated targeted content based on user profile and also an option to personalize based on interest.
  •  Designated areas for content to show on the homepage/feed, this shall show limited content like global news, local news and personalized news.

Now that we have delved further into the dynamics of the portal, clients generally are curious to know how to approach personalization of individual dashboards.

Key Parameters affecting personalization in Custom Intranet Portals: 

With increased flexibility and versatility, web applications are a great way of keeping up with the needs and requirements of the modern business world and the global marketplace. Here’s how web application development is playing a key role in business growth and success today:

  • Security based Personalization: The architecture of the portal being search queries allows each and every result to pass through security configurations thus creating a limited scope of visibility per user based on his/her needs. 
  • Preferences: This is a more free form of content personalization. Suppose your organisation wants to broadcast an Event or a Press Release via different sources(projects, news). Users can select what they want to see on their different sections in the portal. This gives your organisation more control over the whole process while still giving users the freedom to choose their content.
  • User Demographics & Data: This is the most advanced form of content personalization. Though organizations have total control, key parameters like user preferences, Languages, Skills, Job Title and Department are used to match specific types of targeted content which shall be automatically uploaded on the employees feed.

Intranet portals have the potential to completely transform digital workspaces and will continue to evolve in the future. There may be instances of integrating pay-per-use vendor based services like Valo, Unily or Powell365 based on organisational requirements.

To achieve personalization, accurate employee data is the key. Without having that, you cannot achieve the maximum potential of personalizing content thereby hampering the productivity of your Intranet Portal.

Claritus Management Consulting is a boutique Design-Develop-Launch IT Consulting firm, headquartered in India. You can get your Intranet Portal redesigned or if you wish, develop an entirely new one based on enterprise needs.


Amit Ranjan