Robotic Process Automation

Artificial Intelligence to automate Invoicing and Receipt processes

Robotic Process Automation

Learn how Claritus efficiently automated invoicing and receipt processing using AI.

Recently, Claritus Management Consulting partnered with UiPath to provide fast, efficient and compatible solutions to businesses by automating organizational processes.

Using Pragmatic Artificial Intelligence, we to solve problems faced by corporates in their daily work with our aim to bring efficiency, accuracy, compliance and compatibility among employees and clients in an organization by automating invoicing and receipt processing.

What is the pain point UiPath’s Invoice and Receipt AI aims to address?

  1. Organizations have to process millions of similar invoices in a year with most of it still being done manually.
  2. While some have shifted to alternate solutions such as Optical Character Recognition, some have created sample “templates” of these documents for the machine to understand.
  3. These technologies are a temporary solution to the vast number of invoices to be processed and it is not possible to actually make so many “templates”.
  4. Invoices and Receipts often are not so identical and this makes the OCR hard to find information. Sometimes, the resolution might not be proper, it may contain too much irrelevant information for the machine to go through and send the data to the backend for processing.

Where and how to find UiPath’s Beta Version of Receipt and Invoice AI

UiPath has built a beta version which is available for Public Preview. This aims to solve the above pain points faced by corporates in completing daily tasks.

Claritus Management Consulting, along with UiPath aim to change not only the way of working but also a small bit of history attached to one of the oldest business processes – Invoicing & Receipts.

We hope you shall try out the beta product.