We render backend development services by leveraging some of the latest and most advanced tools and technologies including- MEAN, Java, Node.JS, PHP, MySQL, and MongoDB. Through the implementation of these tools, we ensure that your website offers high performance and seamless functionalities.


We offer top-notch frontend development services for your projects by implementing robust tools such as Bootstrap, Angular JS, React JS, HTML, and CSS. By leveraging these advanced technologies, we make sure that your website offers amazing features and a great UI.


As software testing is an integral part of the entire software development process, we pay attention to every minute detail to deliver completely immaculate applications. We use manual testing, automation testing, selenium testing, and appium to perform all kinds of test processes.

Manual Testing Services

Claritus can provide an expert solution for your website framework with manual testing. This is elementarily the process of finding out the bugs or defects in a software program and hence verifying the features of the applications correctly.

Sellenium Testing Services

It may sound like some chemistry lab experiment for you, but primarily it is a portable software testing framework for web-applications that provides a playback tool for authoring tests without the need to learn a test scripting language.

Mobile App Automation Tool

Appium is most probably the only mobile test automation framework with a tool that works for almost all hybrid, native and mobile apps for any operating system including iOS or Android. Claritus is well known for contributing to the Appium Community and providing expertise solutions.

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