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In the digital world today, the applications are not an option they are dominating lives. The very simple task from personal care to business operations, the apps have a crucial role to play. 25% of user abandons the apps after their first use, it is due to various reasons but primarily because there is no compatibility, or the user experience is poor. Claritus offers you a platform for you to achieve your goals consistent with their application testing services. We help you to create a user-friendly mobile and web applications that deliver a top-notch performance.

Why can’t you launch the application without testing?

Our testing solutions for all android and iOS devices are accepted with custom management process. We deliver the results in cycle keeping your schedule on track and produce a report according. Claritus Quality testing services have the qualified and equipped team to run the testing with the excellent quality. We guarantee that the applications are tested on real devices and using various quality tools:

Manual Testing:

Here the testers run test cases manually to find and detect the bugs in the system. It will help to find as many defects as possible, and it is one of traditional methods for accurate fixation.

Selenium Testing

We conduct selenium testing, an automated testing suite available on open source for checking web application across various platforms. It covers various components such as integrated development, remote control, grid and web driver.

Appium Testing:

It can help you to test your web applications on iOS OR Chrome and also android. It automates many mobile apps that are in the form of any language and test framework.

Claritus is accurate about testing the application for your business.

Your user might be everywhere around the globe, and it is impossible to reach out to them without testing the application. Claritus had evolved into a new solution for testing your products to the localized audience without any breaks.
Partner with Claritus to get millions of downloads and excellent rating for your app. We assure you with the best quality application testing and expert advice.

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Case Study

Salesforce based product registration application developed for the life sciences and medical device manufacturing segment.

#Digital Team on Demand
Rapidly scalable, on-demand and focused staff augmentation Team for a global leader in security services.

#Connected Commerce #Mobility #Business Process Digitization #ERP
Comprehensive Ecommerce based tech solution to manage marketing, warehousing & delivery operations for an online supermarket.