Our methodology is very comprehensive –a well-defined mechanism to plan, organize, design, control and accomplish a project in time, on budget.


The software development methodology covers the entire life cycle of an information system, from the Project start-up to Project wind-up phase. The methodology adopted at Claritus is a structured yet flexible approach to information system delivery.

In this approach, projects are planned, organized and controlled by a set of activities, which end with the production of one or more deliverables. The premise on which the Claritus methodology works is that, if an activity is performed effectively it shall lead to the associated deliverables and at the same time the importance of the final deliverable is not undermined. The approach not only ensures repeatability of the process but also enables in setting up intermediate control points.

The importance of intermediate control points is especially noteworthy for deliverables that require a considerably longer time to produce. The control points help in performing corrective actions during the process rather than at the end of the process when the deliverable is ready. Once the deliverable is produced the effort required to perform corrective action to remove non-conformities could turn out to be enormous.

It has been noticed that businesses are in a fix when they have to decide which methodology they should choose for their software development. This is where Claritus proves its excellence by helping its clients understand the advantages of the available methodologies and suggests the most suitable one for the business–economically and strategically.


Agile methodology focuses on completing milestones of software lifecycle, through team and clients collaboration. Operational software is the most important milestone. It is useful where clients whose businesses are constantly evolving and dynamic in nature.

The Benefits of the Claritus Agile process to your Organization’s are

  • We helps decrease the time it takes to get a working software
  • We help to boost your market positioning
  • We quickly enable additional business capabilities
  • We significantly reduces project risk and
  • We deliver value and adaptability much earlier in the lifecycle.

The main limitation for the Agile Software process is that

  • The process being flexible and responsive nature, project budgets and timelines are more uncertain
  • Project has no predetermined specs and are likely to be dynamic in nature
  • Project Timelines are always very flexible and will frequently change
  • Project Budgets are normally open-ended
  • We deliver value and adaptability much earlier in the lifecycle.

The Classic Waterfall Life Cycle:

The Waterfall Life Cycle is a systematic, sequential approach to software development that begins with collecting user-level requirements and progresses in a forward manner through analysis, design, coding, testing, implementation, and maintenance. It is best suited where the requirements are clearly well known and stable.

The Benefits of the Claritus Waterfall process to your Organization’s are

  • It has clear defined control points to facilitate progress reporting
  • It clearly spells out an early warning of possible schedule slippage.
  • In some cases, this may be the fastest development life cycle strategy in that it always proceeds forward with no iteration.
  • It may be the most useful in fixed price development projects.
  • Budgets are controlled

The main limitation for the Waterfall Software process is that

  • It fails where where requirements are vague or ill-defined in the beginning of the project
  • The deliverables are generally visible to a client towards the end of the project life cycle
  • The project depends on the quality of early decisions regarding requirements.