Technology is fickle, as it evolves and tends to become obsolete in a few years. Don’t let your competitors enable advance technology to have an edge over you. Migrate to more advance and futuristic system –affordable and adaptable.

Legacy Migration

Businesses need to keep upgrading the systems in order to meet the technical requirements. If your existing system is unable to respond to the needs and demands of clients and employees, it is time you upgrade your ineffective and costly legacy systems. For better efficiency and productivity, software upgrade and system upgrade is imperative. While migrating from legacy system to newly built system, it is of a great importance to safely transfer all the requisite data and business processes.

It is an important decision to make -financially and business-wise – to migrate from legacy systems or modernize the legacy systems. Your business requires highly skilled and experienced IT partner who have extensive experience in legacy migration of years. Claritus is a trusted IT partners that has done numerous successful legacy migration projects for domestic and international clients.

Our Legacy Migration Services:

  • Re-launching the current system on a newer platform
  • Migration of legacy system to newer version
  • Upgrading with applicable off-the-shelf applications
  • Re-designing the system user-friendly features
  • Replacing legacy system with all the new solution

Customizing Solution to your Business

Every business is unique, and no two businesses can be same. The processes are also unique; hence it needs a solution that matches its needs from both perspectives – technology and employees. Switching from one system to another is always a daunting job to perform that requires expertise and suiting technology. Claritus understands how important it is for businesses to upgrade their systems. We design to the demands of our clients’ business and their employees. Our tailor made solution is affordable and technologically advanced.


We were particularly impressed with Claritus sincerity and honesty which helped us save cost up to 25% by suggesting the right solution for us.
Mukul Swaroop // BMR Advisors


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