The iPad & iPad Mini accounted for 17% of mobile traffic in December 2012, up from 16% in 2011 and held 88% of all tablet web traffic.

iPad Apps Development

Apple took the world by storm with the launch of the smart hand held device that is capable of multi-tasking. With features like A5X systems, dual core processor, retina display, and HD video camera, iPad is a fully loaded device. iPad started to grip market and users from the day of its announcement. It has been generating surreal consumer demands.



The reason for its success lies in its cutting edge apps that span all genres including entertainment, games, business activities and communications.

Thus if you are:

Scouting to interact with your clients using new means?

Leveraging the mobile revolution to a great extent?

Would like to outshine your competitors and increase your market share technologically?

Claritus helps you with the solution. We help you with a robust iPad app or optimized web solution to outsmart your competitors and have an edge. We design apps that meet your business requirements and offer true mobile experience to your clients.

Our team goes for extensive research before finalizing the mock-up for the iPad apps for your business. The professionals learn the actual requirements of your business and its objectives in order to develop an iPad solution that is unique, engaging and innovative, yet cost-effective.

Claritus enables you to be the part of Mobile revolution.

Why Choose Claritus for iPad App Development?

  • A specialized team of certified iPad developers
  • Award Winning Apps
  • Best Infrastructure
  • On Time Delivery
  • 100% Transparency
  • Cost-effective Solutions

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Claritus is our integrated partner in development of our Award Winning Innovation – Venire Designscape Library. Our experience with them in SDLC has been delightful. Whatever we imagine, they are able to deliver it successfully.
Chetan Singh // Venire Ltd.


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