The fact, that 76% of all fortune 500 companies have deployed Global Delivery Model to mitigate financial concerns and simultaneously leverage offshore talents for futuristic solutions, makes GDM indispensable in global market.

Global Delivery Model

Claritus realizes the importance of being competent in the global market both strategically and technologically. Our global delivery model (GDM) enables our domestic and international clients to leverage our methodologies and expertise from anywhere in the world to add value to their organization. Our designed solutions are well researched and correctly deployed within the time and budget.

Claritus has designed the global delivery model or mechanism that can be customized for individual projects whenever required such as costing, skills availability quality of deliverables, service coverage and efficiency.

The Global Process –GDM

The model works by classifying the activities in various phases in order to reduce the time to market the product, improve efficiency yielding better ROI.

Development Engagement: Under the model, an onsite analysis is done followed by continuous support from offshore team. The solution designed by our team will be deployed onsite and business will receive support for the solution from our offshore team consistently. This is the only model which is used for most of the global projects.

Testing Engagement: Claritus’ global delivery model allows businesses to leverage the GDM for any testing campaign. Setting up an in-house team for testing the developed software or application would not be a judicious step. Claritus enables its clients to get access to the world class team with years of experience.

Support and Maintenance: Our global deliver model permits its clients to leverage our consistent support capability with our professionals working offshore. We ensure fast turnaround time for our deliverables as well as reduce the delivery cycle substantially.

Benefits of Global Delivery Model

  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • Flexibility of Deployment
  • High Availability of resources
  • Improve Time to Market
  • International Quality Standard