Our aim is to provide our clients with the assurance of utter safety of their proprietary information, data and intellectual property.


Assurance of Data Protection

We at Claritus comprehend that your company’s intellectual property including trade secrets, patents, any information and physical assets shared, and employee information is of utmost importance.

Thus at Claritus we ensure that all our process are geared to safeguard your Companies intellectual property and proprietary information. As we are ISO 9001:2008 certified company we ensure security of data is of prime importance for both our clients and us internally.


Claritus ensures the following:

  • To ensure clients confidentiality we insist on signing a NDA and a contract.
  • Claritus employees at the time of joining have to sign a NDA as a part of their joining formalities.
  • Claritus Datacenter team of Administrators ensure the following policies are adhered to:
    • With the help of a firewall the team ensures -All internet surfing, emails and chat are logged and are regularly audited.
    • A strict policies is in place for all post, requests, upload & download of files.
    • All the staging and ftp servers are under internet protocol restrictions.
    • Centralized servers for development, database with the usage of Visual Source Safe.
    • Regular Backups of all Servers.
    • Regular update of Anti-Virus, Anti Spyware.
    • All USB ports of Computers are disabled.
  • Claritus ensures that the Companies spell out the sensitivity of the data shared or being developed and we will follow instructions as stipulated as to who all do we share details of the projects. Our Team of professionals ensures that at no time will we share the documents or emails with any unauthorized third party. Claritus will always ensure protection of your Assets.