Developing Apps With Android OS: What You Ought to Know

Author Garima Aggarwal March 31, 2015 / Published in Technology

Since it made its first appearance around 2008, the popularity of the Android operating system is growing consistently. Over 75% of the mobile users operate on Android OS and as per a survey conducted in late 213 about 70% of mobile app developers work for Android. While users continue to look for apps that will take their experience to a new level altogether – and in that way render an open field for many enterprises to engage themselves in the field of mobile app development (for Android) and reap dividends on the might of the growing count of the Android Read More

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Essential Web Design Strategies for Enterprises

Author amit March 4, 2014 / Published in Website Designing

A personable & technically designed website is a strong indication of an enterprise that takes all facets of the businesses meticulously. The website serves as an identity and point of contact between prospective clients for product & services. In order to have a competitive edge over contenders, businesses ought to adapt to the emerging trends in technology and upgrade to new industry standards.  According to a study carried out in users’ expectation by “Akamai & Gomez”, it was cited that nearly 47% of users expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds; whereas, 40% of people will abandon a webpage Read More

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2014 A Year To Demonstrate

Author Saurabh Verma January 7, 2014 / Published in Celebration

The Year Past And The Year Ahead Each year comes up with some tragic and good news, learning and repenting, daring and celebrating, so was the year 2013 – a year of great learning – that helped us aim at overcoming impending challenges. It is critically imperative to get to the flash back so that we might not have to lament on things that went awry or did not come in place because of certain odd decisions and instead, we mend our ways so as not to falter again. Learning from past should always be the things-to-do in the New Read More

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Author Garima Aggarwal November 12, 2013 / Published in PHP Development

In the scenario of fierce competition where companies constantly contend to design the enticing website targeted to lure the consumers, web development has become indispensable.  Website development service is catching momentum that serves as a promotional tool for online marketing. Ideally, a website has to be easy-to-navigate, SEO friendly that holds the capacity to drive top-line growth. Effective and potent websites drive the maximum traffic and help businesses gain competitive edge over other rivals in the business industry. A good professional web designer and developer respond well to the market needs with the professional tools coupled with plethora of programming Read More

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Author admin November 6, 2013 / Published in Celebration

The clamor of team members started getting intense as the Sun came straight on the head, clock stroke 2 and the formal announcement of the buffet came from the newly appointed HR. Though, the aroma of food had already spiraled to the second floor and the silent conference room started throwing rattling sounds of utensils, Claritarians had already stopped their normal chores for the day. Everyone was in full swings to unwind to the utmost of their energy cells. Day was charged with the grandeur with distribution of sweets followed by a scrumptious buffet feast. As we know the festival Read More

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Author Garima Aggarwal October 18, 2013 / Published in iPhone Apps Development

Now the best argument begins right here – Android Vs iOS iOS and Android today are puissant mobile platforms. When it comes to major apps, the conflagration between Android and iOS is inevitable. Picking a Smartphone or a tablet involves good deal of time and research tagged with effective buying decision that needs to be relentless. Any mobile phone user is not oblivious of the android platform. Android is now the world’s most ubiquitous Smartphone platform and used across continents by phone developers to create intuitive and innovative apps for its vast user base. With next in line that gives Read More

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Long Term Client Relationship Is the Key

Author Saurabh Verma October 11, 2013 / Published in Client Relationship

An assignment is bagged by a company, then it strains all its nerves to offer the best to clients. The client is very contented with the quality and the timely delivery of the project, but what next? The next step is to build relationship. Quality services do not confine the clients to your company forever. It is critically important to build a long-term client relationship for a sustainable business atmosphere. A couple of months back one of the IT giants in India announced that they were going to retain their top 50 clients (millionaire clients), which clearly shows that IT Read More

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Author Garima Aggarwal October 8, 2013 / Published in SEO

Let’s talk about the benefits of a business blogging. A successful business blog redefines the critical thinking skills, ameliorates the writing and certainly helps establish the business credibility, eventually gives the business a real boost and talks straight about the corporate brand.  A well-documented corporate blog often leads to opportunities like media coverage, writing gigs and plenty other. It takes a lot of efforts and backbreaking research to reach the new heights of blogging. As per the 2008 Technocrati study, the blog abandonment rate is 95%, that means nine out of ten people and businesses eventually give up on their Read More

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The Buzz About Hummingbird

Author Saurabh Verma September 27, 2013 / Published in SEO

Google Gives Birthday Gift to the World – Hummingbird Google is hell bent on bringing filtered search data to its customers and in the direction the search engine giant has introduced to the world a new algorithmic update ‘Hummingbird’. The shock-and-awe announcement was done in an event last night. No one was aware of this and it came as a shocking surprise to many or in simpler words zillion of SEO professionals across the globe. The sibling of the other innovative beasts Panda and Penguin, Humming Bird is born with scavenging ability. Hummingbird will play its part to filter comparative Read More

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Content Marketing or Branding Through Content

Author Saurabh Verma September 19, 2013 / Published in SEO

The change in the technology induces a lot of new things to the tech world so do Google’s fiercest beasts. New, fresh and unique content is in vogue, but it would be an exaggeration to say that Content came into being after Google’s updates. Panda update has forced internet marketing or SEO companies around the world to produce genuine and fresh content for better branding. The result can be witnessed as we can see more informative content available on the first page of search results. It has also conferred a boost to content writing industry as new talents are being Read More

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