4 major challenges to your Ecommerce business

Author Nishant Sharma February 3, 2016 / Published in eCommerce

Ecommerce is in its glory days and a whole lot of new online shopping websites are emerging almost every day. Many are doing extremely good such as Flipkart, snapdeal to name some while others are failing miserably. So, what caused their failure? It be could the customer service, lack of technical awareness, marketing glitches, etc. We have listed some points to help you understand the major challenges you will face in your ecommerce business and how to minimize them too: 1.   Customer service: Our attempt to explicate the importance of customer centric approach can be well served by this quote Read More

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How can enterprise mobility help your business?

Author Nishant Sharma February 2, 2016 / Published in Mobile App Development

 “Enterprise mobility is the trend toward a shift in work habits, with more employees working out of the office and using mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks.”   Smartphones have become like a daily vitamin for everyone. As demand for smartphone grows the businesses are realizing the need of an enterprise app. A recent Yankee Group survey “Anywhere Enterprise–Large: U.S. Mobility and Applications Survey” identified that businesses can realize the following advantages from mobile business apps: 1. Increased field selling time: 28% 2. Eliminated redundant activities: 27% 3. Increased win rates: 26% 3. Reduced sales calls costs: 25% 4. Increased Read More

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How smartphones are changing travel industry?

Author Nishant Sharma January 21, 2016 / Published in Mobile App Development

Smartphones have come a long way; people are searching for everything on mobile. Booking a table in restaurant to tickets for a flight; everything is done on mobile. With the rapid adoption of Smartphones and tablets, the travel industry is also leaving no stone unturned to make the best out of this opportunity. Travel purchases on smartphones are increasing very frequently; according to a report revenue share in travel industry through mobile in comparison with desktop has increased to 25% from 2% since 2011. Source credit: Businessinsider Travelers Activities Some facts about travelers and their smartphone activities: – Travel related Read More

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Predictions for digital marketing in 2016

Author Nishant Sharma January 7, 2016 / Published in Digital Marketing

If we look back in 2015, it has been a year of crest & trough. A lot of predictions were accomplished and then there were many failures too. Let’s roll back some of the predictions made for 2015: – Facebook was expected to include web content in their search functionality: This some what happened but not exactly as predicted. – Google’s indexation of twitter will grow: It grew to a whole new level with renewed partnership between Google & twitter. – Google will dominate with search share: Google is still the sole leader with 91% search share. Some of the Read More

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Why Your Business Should Have a Mobile app Along with Website?

Author Nishant Sharma December 19, 2015 / Published in Mobile App Development

Having a website is not anymore the panacea of success for a business. In the shape of a mobile app, your product or the service can get served by a direct avenue to stay at hand of your target customers. Mobile is the future: Stats hold the truth! If Mary Meeker, a technology trend watcher and analyst at Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPCB) predicted a paradigm shift by saying “Mobile [is set] to overtake fixed Internet access by 2014” way back in the summers of 2008, she was true! As per a data published by comScore (upon a research conducted Read More

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Why Having a Well-made Website is Must for Every Enterprise?

Author Nishant Sharma May 22, 2015 / Published in Technology

A business can only expand if it adequately informs its buyers and serves them the value that it promises. This can be magnificently achieved by having a website. When a website is attractive and serves the purpose of the users well it creates a better avenue of interaction between visitors and business. But for a website to be effective, it has to be designed (and developed) the right way – targeting both the search engines and viewers. Advantage of Website Development Website development has great advantages as the benefits would be long term spanning 24 hours a day and all Read More

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How to Design an Effective E-Commerce Website

Author Nishant Sharma May 20, 2015 / Published in eCommerce

The huge strides made by information technology have turned the entire world towards online transactions. Few people desire to experience the hassles of standing in queues either in market place or for booking train and airplane tickets, entertainment gate passes and shopping. Instead they prefer online transaction giving rise to the concept of e-commerce. Craze for instant Transactions Days when the customers paid money by check or through money orders are long over. What they do is use their credit/debit cards or even better net banking and desire to have instant services. The craze for Internet shopping and instant transactions Read More

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An Account of the Prime Challenges Faced by Web Development Services Today

Author Nishant Sharma May 13, 2015 / Published in Technology

Keeping pace with the technological advancements and changing requirements of the users, technologies pertaining to web development is progressing at a rapid pace. But the evolution and the increasing expectations of the users have brought about some major challenges for the developers to meet. Finding the Best Practices Around The first major challenge that the developers engaged in web development services face today is that about estimating the best practices around – given there are several collaborative efforts and admixture of different technologies happening.  It calls for a clear understanding of the focal points of web development – no matter Read More

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What it Takes to Reach Your Business Targets with the Right Web App?

Author Nishant Sharma May 11, 2015 / Published in Technology

Usage of internet has been increasing and many of our actions are controlled by the internet today. And unlike the past, it’s the ‘apps’ (applications) that work as the doorway to information and services. So while technology has given us ‘Smart’ devices that are now being used in a large way to access the internet – and perform day-to-day tasks – people prefer to use web applications on their smartphones and tablets rather than browse the internet for the relevant websites or subscribe to the trivial methods of securing information. In the realm of app the demand of quality and Read More

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Decided to develop an iPhone App: 3 Points You Must Pay Heed to!

Author Nishant Sharma May 8, 2015 / Published in iPhone Apps Development

The process to sanctioning an iPhone application development task may seem easy– especially when you are struck with an idea; in love with that idea and have money to try out that idea! But that’s only half the game! A lot of money and effort goes into developing one app, and more importantly, developing one which actually returns the investment made on it (or fulfils what it was expected to do). A lot of sweat blood and labor is involved, and therefore, some of the basics of app development for the iPhone must be kept in mind, as well as Read More

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