Why Having a Well-made Website is Must for Every Enterprise?

Author Nishant Sharma May 22, 2015 / Published in Technology

A business can only expand if it adequately informs its buyers and serves them the value that it promises. This can be magnificently achieved by having a website. When a website is attractive and serves the purpose of the users well it creates a better avenue of interaction between visitors and business. But for a website to be effective, it has to be designed (and developed) the right way – targeting both the search engines and viewers. Advantage of Website Development Website development has great advantages as the benefits would be long term spanning 24 hours a day and all Read More

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How to Design an Effective E-Commerce Website

Author Nishant Sharma May 20, 2015 / Published in eCommerce

The huge strides made by information technology have turned the entire world towards online transactions. Few people desire to experience the hassles of standing in queues either in market place or for booking train and airplane tickets, entertainment gate passes and shopping. Instead they prefer online transaction giving rise to the concept of e-commerce. Craze for instant Transactions Days when the customers paid money by check or through money orders are long over. What they do is use their credit/debit cards or even better net banking and desire to have instant services. The craze for Internet shopping and instant transactions Read More

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An Account of the Prime Challenges Faced by Web Development Services Today

Author Nishant Sharma May 13, 2015 / Published in Technology

Keeping pace with the technological advancements and changing requirements of the users, technologies pertaining to web development is progressing at a rapid pace. But the evolution and the increasing expectations of the users have brought about some major challenges for the developers to meet. Finding the Best Practices Around The first major challenge that the developers engaged in web development services face today is that about estimating the best practices around – given there are several collaborative efforts and admixture of different technologies happening.  It calls for a clear understanding of the focal points of web development – no matter Read More

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What it Takes to Reach Your Business Targets with the Right Web App?

Author Nishant Sharma May 11, 2015 / Published in Technology

Usage of internet has been increasing and many of our actions are controlled by the internet today. And unlike the past, it’s the ‘apps’ (applications) that work as the doorway to information and services. So while technology has given us ‘Smart’ devices that are now being used in a large way to access the internet – and perform day-to-day tasks – people prefer to use web applications on their smartphones and tablets rather than browse the internet for the relevant websites or subscribe to the trivial methods of securing information. In the realm of app the demand of quality and Read More

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Decided to develop an iPhone App: 3 Points You Must Pay Heed to!

Author Nishant Sharma May 8, 2015 / Published in iPhone Apps Development

The process to sanctioning an iPhone application development task may seem easy– especially when you are struck with an idea; in love with that idea and have money to try out that idea! But that’s only half the game! A lot of money and effort goes into developing one app, and more importantly, developing one which actually returns the investment made on it (or fulfils what it was expected to do). A lot of sweat blood and labor is involved, and therefore, some of the basics of app development for the iPhone must be kept in mind, as well as Read More

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Why Application Development with PHP is still the Better Option

Author Nishant Sharma May 6, 2015 / Published in PHP Development

Of late, there has been quite a debate on the usefulness of PHP. While some experts consider that it may not be anymore the best of languages for application development, some like to counter by citing an even brighter future that waits. However, considering various advantages it offers, PHP is still one of the strong contenders for the top slot. Challenges being Faced Challenges that PHP developers usually face are from the older version of the platform. The older versions were found to be lacking in accomplishing a task in the modern times. They may not be as suitable as Read More

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Developing Apps With Android OS: What You Ought to Know

Author Nishant Sharma March 31, 2015 / Published in Technology

Since it made its first appearance around 2008, the popularity of the Android operating system is growing consistently. Over 75% of the mobile users operate on Android OS and as per a survey conducted in late 213 about 70% of mobile app developers work for Android. While users continue to look for apps that will take their experience to a new level altogether – and in that way render an open field for many enterprises to engage themselves in the field of mobile app development (for Android) and reap dividends on the might of the growing count of the Android Read More

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Essential Web Design Strategies for Enterprises

Author amit March 4, 2014 / Published in Website Designing

A personable & technically designed website is a strong indication of an enterprise that takes all facets of the businesses meticulously. The website serves as an identity and point of contact between prospective clients for product & services. In order to have a competitive edge over contenders, businesses ought to adapt to the emerging trends in technology and upgrade to new industry standards.  According to a study carried out in users’ expectation by “Akamai & Gomez”, it was cited that nearly 47% of users expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds; whereas, 40% of people will abandon a webpage Read More

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2014 A Year To Demonstrate

Author Saurabh Verma January 7, 2014 / Published in Celebration

The Year Past And The Year Ahead Each year comes up with some tragic and good news, learning and repenting, daring and celebrating, so was the year 2013 – a year of great learning – that helped us aim at overcoming impending challenges. It is critically imperative to get to the flash back so that we might not have to lament on things that went awry or did not come in place because of certain odd decisions and instead, we mend our ways so as not to falter again. Learning from past should always be the things-to-do in the New Read More

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Author Nishant Sharma November 12, 2013 / Published in PHP Development

In the scenario of fierce competition where companies constantly contend to design the enticing website targeted to lure the consumers, web development has become indispensable.  Website development service is catching momentum that serves as a promotional tool for online marketing. Ideally, a website has to be easy-to-navigate, SEO friendly that holds the capacity to drive top-line growth. Effective and potent websites drive the maximum traffic and help businesses gain competitive edge over other rivals in the business industry. A good professional web designer and developer respond well to the market needs with the professional tools coupled with plethora of programming Read More

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